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General Website

A general website means a website with dynamic contents, events, blogs etc. As a person you can have your personal website to explore your telents & exparties to the public around the globe. People can read your contents & learn something very easily. Our every website package comes with Contents, Events, Blogs & Album management features. So, as a blogger, photographer or productive person you may find our general website package working fentasticly for you. We always aim to make sure our service packages suits our clients daily needs. If any of our client need any feature that's not available in our platform yet, we are pleased to add those features to help our clients productive journey.   This package includes the folowing features:- - FREE Hosting  - FREE Email Account (one) - FREE Data Backup - FREE Maintenance - FREE Software Updates - FREE 24/7 Support by Email, Phone & Chat - Suitable for Personal, Professionals & Small Businesses - Mobile, Tablet & Computer Friendly Website - Unlimited Pages - Client Subscription (by Phone & Email) - Drop a Message Option (by visitor) - Email & Phone Verification for GDPR - Content Rating & Reviews - Sharing Contents on Social Media or by Email - Friendly Admin Portal - SMS Marketing (Pre-Paid) - Email Marketing FREE   How much the fee? £50 Setup Fee, then £15  /Month ** Monthly Rollover Contract ** You can cancel anytime ** FREE for Religious Organisations! ** Mobile App coming soon with separate T&C agreement.

eCommerce Website

This website has the following features :- - FREE Hosting - FREE Email Account (one) - FREE Data Backup - FREE Maintenance - FREE Software Updates - FREE 24/7 Support by Email, Phone & Chat - Mobile, Tablet & Computer Friendly Website - Unlimited Pages - Client Registration - Online Ordering System - Reservation System - Order & Reservation Notification (by SMS, Email & Call) - Client Subscription (by Phone & Email) - Drop a Message Option (by visitor) - Email & Phone Verification for GDPR - Item Rating & Reviews - Sharing Items on Social Media or by Email - Friendly Admin Panel - SMS Marketing (Pre-Paid) - Email Marketing FREE   How much the fee? £50 Setup Fee, then £25 /Month ** Monthly Rollover Contract ** You can cancel anytime ** Mobile App coming soon with separate T&C agreement.

SMS Marketing

We are offering very flexible SMS marketting solutions for you. There are few options available to choose based on your needs:- Send SMS & Receive replies from clients: This is designed in a way that whoever would receive your SMS can reply to you as normal SMS messaging. Even they can call you too. Cost £0.03 per SMS Send SMS from your Brand name: This option would allow you to send SMS using your brand name. So, whoever would receive your SMS can see your brand name as a sender. But your client couldn't reply your SMS. Cost £0.03 per SMS Just Send SMS only: no need branding, no need to receive replies. This is the cheapest & best option. You may put your brand name inside the SMS & a number to contact you, so you're not losing anything. Your client can see your brand name & they can contact you to the given number. Cost £0.01 per SMS * Standard one SMS means, maximum 160 characters including any spaces.

Email Marketing

Send email to thousands of your clients by a click. We're offering many exceptional features to make your life easy -  You can attache any file with the email. Group your clients in different names, so it's easier to send emails to the targetted group. Send email to selected people. All bulk emails has the link to unsubscribe, so your client has the choise to opt-out. You also have the option to make any client unsubscribed. Client can get in to your subscriber's list from website, after completing email ownership verification process. Cost £0.00, 100% FREE

All-in-one Business Rev...

Our all-in-one review system will show your business reviews from Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp & Yellow Pages in one place! So you don't have to check reviews in different pages every time. You will have the control to show reviews based on star ratings, for example; if you want to show reviews with three stars or more, you can do so. Price? £5 /Month

Clicks.Zone EPOS (cloud...

Our ePOS system is designed to fit with most the businesses on the market. It's an online POS system, so you can use it on as many sale points you require in your business. This is one of the easy and best ePOS system in the market. There are some features of our ePOS System: -   - If you connect your phone line with ePOS, every time someone call you, the caller number & name (if existing client) will blink on top of your screen. You may accept the call to start taking order or reject call. But the caller ID will be saved automatically on your call registry. - System will not allow you take Delivery orders from any client outside of your defined delivery range! - You can take orders for Collection, Home Delivery & Dine-in (for restaurant). - You can save a running order in the middle to take another order. Saved orders will be there untill you delete them. - Every completed order can be modified or reordered easily. - There is an easy client searching option by name, phone, email or postcode. - Easy item searching option by name, price or barcode. - Discounts & VAT will be calculated automatically, but you still have the option to apply manual discount. - Online order notification is always active on ePOS. - You can set discount on all items or specific category or specific items. - Every order receipt can be printed part by part department wise.  

Clicks.Zone EPOS

Main Features: Use Existing Computer & Printer: You can use your existing PC or EPOS machine & Printers. Our software adapts with most of the windows machines. Unless it's necessary we won't suggest you to buy any new hardware.  Direct Printing: Once you take an order or print a bill, specified printer will give you the printout. You can set one printer for Drinks section, one for Starters, one for Mains & Sides etc. All new & modified order receipts will go to the specific printer. So the waiters could concentrate on taking orders one after another & serving customers. Printers can be connected by USB, LAN or WiFi. User Friendly: We tried to make our software usable to every user. Always we collect users comments & suggestions to improve further. Currently Clicks.Zone EPOS is being used by many nontechnical users without any issues. In some cases no training required!  Auto Erase: You can set to erase all orders on a specific time of the day. But make sure you print the daily summery before that time. All orders will be erased except those are on Processing. This option can be turned ON/OFF anytime. Delivery Range: Software will check the distance & driving time on every delivery order. If the client is outside of your set delivery range, than system will inform you with the options to Stop or Continue the order. Schedule Order: Sometimes you may receive pre-orders from your clients. So orders need to be scheduled according to client's requirement. Our software will allow you to schedule an order for a specific date & time. Label Sticker: You can print Label Sticker for all items in an order, so it will save time, increase accuracy, clearly readable & looks smart! Before putting the items into bag, stick label on each item/container. To use this feature, a separate label printer is required. Caller ID: Our software has Caller ID integrated. It gives you the opportunity to see who’s calling you - Name, Number & Address. If you miss any call, no worries, there's a call list too. To use this feature, a caller ID device is required. Customer Details: All caller/customer details will remain saved for further use, like; re-ordering or SMS marketing etc. All data will be saved in your local computer. You can modify customer details during order or anytime. Tablet Friendly: We tired to make it more flexible across many devices, mainly mobile devices like - Tablet. So, multiple users can use at the same time to take Table orders or help taking busy hours Takeaway orders. All orders can be accessed & managed from any device. SMS Notification: You may like to notify your client when an order is ready to dispatch/collect. So, there's an option Send SMS to customer. You need to top-up SMS Credit to use this feature.  No Contract: Be relaxed & tension free, we'll never force you to use our services by any way. Feel free to use our software as long as you are happy. No Long term contract, you can cancel at anytime. You can initiate cancellation process anytime, but software will stop working on end of the month. Friendly Support: Support is one of our main priorities. We are always available, almost 24/7 to assist you. You can Call/WhatsApp/SMS/Email us anytime for any kind of support. FREE Upgrades: As we collect users suggestions & try to improve software performance & add new features regularly, there will be new upgraded version in every few days. But all our existing clients will get it FREE!  Software License: £30/Month, will be collected by DD on 1st of each month. Additional License: £10/Month for each additional license.   #epos #takeaway #restaurant #onlineorder #clickszone #tableorder #reservation #coffeeshop 

Digital Visitor Log Sys...

Our Digital Visitor Log System is designed to log visitors of Restaurants, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues & similar kind of places as per government's guideline to keep track & control the spread of Covid-19.  This system will allow visitors to log their attendance in such places easily & quickly. A visitor can record his/her log by scanning the QR Code, sending SMS or using the website profile. Based on the visitors traffic, organisation will decide which logging method suite best to them. But, SMS method is the fasted method as more than 1000 visitors can be logged within 5 minutes!  All records can be accessed from anywhere using the authorized account credentials. In any occasion, NHS or relevant team can access the log records to search individuals for tracking & tracing purposes.                                 #CovidTrackAndTrace #VisitorLogBook #LogAttendance #GuestLogBook #VisitorLogSystem #ClicksZone #Covid19 #TrackAndTrace