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General Website

A general website means a website with dynamic contents, events, blogs etc. As a person you can have your personal website to explore your telents & exparties to the public around the globe. People can read your contents & learn something very easily. Our every website package comes with Contents, Events, Blogs & Album management features. So, as a blogger, photographer or productive person you may find our general website package working fentasticly for you. We always aim to make sure our service packages suits our clients daily needs. If any of our client need any feature that's not available in our platform yet, we are pleased to add those features to help our clients productive journey.


This package includes the folowing features:-

- FREE Hosting 

- FREE Email Account (one)

- FREE Data Backup

- FREE Maintenance

- FREE Software Updates

- FREE 24/7 Support by Email, Phone & Chat

- Suitable for Personal, Professionals & Small Businesses

- Mobile, Tablet & Computer Friendly Website

- Unlimited Pages

- Client Subscription (by Phone & Email)

- Drop a Message Option (by visitor)

- Email & Phone Verification for GDPR

- Content Rating & Reviews

- Sharing Contents on Social Media or by Email

- Friendly Admin Portal

- SMS Marketing (Pre-Paid)

- Email Marketing FREE


How much the fee?

£50 Setup Fee, then

£15  /Month

** Monthly Rollover Contract

** You can cancel anytime

** FREE for Religious Organisations!

** Mobile App coming soon with separate T&C agreement.