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SMS Marketing

We are offering very flexible SMS marketting solutions for you. There are few options available to choose based on your needs:-

Send SMS & Receive replies from clients: This is designed in a way that whoever would receive your SMS can reply to you as normal SMS messaging. Even they can call you too.

Cost £0.03 per SMS

Send SMS from your Brand name: This option would allow you to send SMS using your brand name. So, whoever would receive your SMS can see your brand name as a sender. But your client couldn't reply your SMS.

Cost £0.03 per SMS

Just Send SMS only: no need branding, no need to receive replies. This is the cheapest & best option. You may put your brand name inside the SMS & a number to contact you, so you're not losing anything. Your client can see your brand name & they can contact you to the given number.

Cost £0.01 per SMS

* Standard one SMS means, maximum 160 characters including any spaces.