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Cloud Based ePOS System

Our ePOS system is designed to fit with most the businesses on the market. It's an online POS system, so you can use it on as many sale points you require in your business. This is one of the easy and best ePOS system in the market.

There are some features of our ePOS System: -  

- If you connect your phone line with ePOS, every time someone call you, the caller number & name (if existing client) will blink on top of your screen. You may accept the call to start taking order or reject call. But the caller ID will be saved automatically on your call registry.

- System will not allow you take Delivery orders from any client outside of your defined delivery range!

- You can take orders for Collection, Home Delivery & Dine-in (for restaurant).

- You can save a running order in the middle to take another order. Saved orders will be there untill you delete them.

- Every completed order can be modified or reordered easily.

- There is an easy client searching option by name, phone, email or postcode.

- Easy item searching option by name, price or barcode.

- Discounts & VAT will be calculated automatically, but you still have the option to apply manual discount.

- Online order notification is always active on ePOS.

- You can set discount on all items or specific category or specific items.

- Every order receipt can be printed part by part department wise.