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We are open everyday including bank holidays
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You May Reserve for:-

  • Dine in
  • Family Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Official Party
  • All booking is for a maximum of 2 hours
  • If more than 15 minutes late without notifying the restaurant, a table will not be guaranteed
Terms & Conditions
  • A deposit of £2/person required for guest 6 or more. This amount will be deducted from your bill.
  • Please be advised that cancellations made up to 2 day(s) before a scheduled time via phone call or from account dashboard will be processed without a penalty & any deposit will be refunded too.

Get In Touch

124 - 126 Green Street
London, E7 8JQ
United Kingdom
020 8257 7621
020 8257 9738
You may send us your concerns by SMS
Just type: TURKUOISE followed by a Space & your Message then Send to +447418310270