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Onion Bhaji (V)
£ 3.75   

Onion starands mixed it with dry herbs, egg and chickpea flower, then deep fried until crisp

Vegetables Somosa (V)
£ 3.75   

Light pastry filled with selected vegetables and herbs deep fried 

Meat Somosa
£ 4.45   

Light pastry filled with minced lamb and herbs deep fried 

Vegetables Pakoor (V)
£ 4.45   

Mashed vegetables cooked with hears and spices deep fried

Mushroom and Garlic Puree (V)
£ 4.45   

Mushroom cooked with garlic and slightly spiced, served on a special puree

Chicken Chaat
£ 4.45   

Chicken, cucumber and onion mix with special chat masala 

Tandoori Chicken
£ 4.95   

A quarter of spring chicken with traditional herbs and cooked it the clay oven.

Lamb Tikka
£ 4.95   

Marinated and roasted chunks of tender lamb cooked in tandoori

Chicken Tikka
£ 4.75   

Marinated and roasted chunks of tender Chicken cooked in tandoori 

Lamb Chops
£ 6.95   

Marinated with medium spices cooked in tandoori

Sheek Kebab
£ 4.95   

Lightly spiced minced lamb slowly grilled it in the tandoori on iron skewers

Mix Kebab
£ 5.95   

A selection pieces of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab grilled in tandoori

Chicken ChomChom
£ 5.45   

Chicken flattened and coated in spice and breadcrumbs cooked in deep fried

King Prawn Puree
£ 6.45   

King prawn stir fried with fresh herbs & light spice, served on a crisp Indian bread

Prawn Puree
£ 4.95   

Prawn stir fried with fresh herbs & light spice, served on a crisp Indian bread

Prawn Cocktail
£ 4.45   

Lettuce topped with prawns and dressed with seafood sauce 

Hot and Spicy for Two Person
£ 10.95   

Thin long slices of chicken stir fried with garlic, ginger, onion, pepper, green chillies & coriander

Spicy Tiger Prawns for Two Person
£ 12.95   

Large tiger prawn stirs fried with green and red peppers & onion in authentic spicy sauce 

King Prawn Butterfly
£ 5.45   
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Biryani Dishes

In biryani dishes the main ingredients are chicken, lamb or prawn, which are cooked with basmati rice and served with vegetable curry.

Chicken Biryani
£ 8.95   
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